MAKEWORKS’ Closing Statement…

We are sad to officially announce that MakeWorks will be closing its doors this August. The MakeWorks journey has been an amazing experience for many in the community; it has helped launch dozens of new and growing businesses, and was a career-launch-pad for many of its staff. It’s a bittersweet change for many of us in the community but we’re very grateful for all of the outcomes that have resulted from MakeWorks.

There are a few reasons behind this decision. In full transparency, the main driver is economic. MakeWorks had a subsidized rent, and passed on that subsidized rent to its tenants. Without that subsidy, MakeWorks would operate at a loss for much of its lifespan. A tenant like Dollarama would support a market rent, which is significantly higher than what MakeWorks or other small businesses could support. MakeWorks ownership tried hard to find a sustainable business model over the years, experimenting with pricing and a variety of services, but ultimately it proved too difficult.

The decision to go with Dollarama was also based on a desire to have a Canadian business that this community would enjoy having, and benefit from over the long term, and in a way that is economically sustainable.

As soon as the Dollarama agreement was reached, MakeWorks ownership gave notice to its members, and since then there’s been many reactions, some emotional, some surprise, and some negative. We certainly can understand these reactions, for members and the community at large. It’s a bittersweet change for many who have been so positively impacted by MakeWorks.

MakeWorks management is grateful to the media for its coverage in its early launch years in particular, for putting it on the map and helping drum up demand.   

We’re also grateful to all of our members past and present. This is a special community, and one that will surely sustain itself long after this change. We will continue to support this co-working community as best we can.

MakeWorks management is particularly grateful to all of the GM’s and staff members who have run it from the beginning, Steph, Teddy, Morgan, Abby, Julia, and Amy. They were the heart and soul of this special place. Thank you!