If you would like to prepare your laser cutting/etching files in advance we require them to meet our 'ready to cut guidelines'. If you are unsure how to meet these requirements we are happy to provide our design service and make the files for you!


Ready to Cut Guidelines

File Type: .ai / .eps / .svg / .dxf / .dwg

Line Weights: Vector lines for cutting should be set to 0.25pt thickness

Line Colour: Etch lines should be in blue (0,0,255) or green (0,255,0), cut lines should be in red (255,0,0). Images and shapes in black will be etched. 

Text: All text should be converted into outlines and also match the line colour and weight requirements

ArtBoard: Artboards should be kept to 28"x16"



First time prototyping?

Here are the types of questions we will ask about your project:

- What material would you like to use?

- What is your preferred method of prototyping?

- How quickly would you like this done?

- Do you need design assistance?

- Can you pick it up or will you require delivery?